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 The Feast of Winter Veil is Here

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PostSubject: The Feast of Winter Veil is Here   Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:19 am

Quote :
The Feast of Winter Veil is HerePosted by: Nebu| 12-15-07

It's that time of the year again! All across Azeroth and Outland, festive decorations adorn towns and cities as the Horde and the Alliance begin their annual celebration of the Feast of Winter Veil. Join in the festivities and experience some brand-new Winter Veil content this year!

To learn more about this event, check out the updated Feast of Winter Veil game.
And to get into the holiday spirit, make sure to check out The Night Before Winter Veil, the Blizzard holiday skit

Dear Greatfather Winter Posted by: Nebu| 12-15-07

Every year, the world of Azeroth celebrates the Feast of Winter Veil and Greatfather Winter makes an appearance in the cities -- courtesy of Smokeywood Pastures. He spreads cheer and good will to all the orcs, humans, and other denizens of Azeroth (including gnomes). But will you get that one thing you’ve always wanted? Will Smokeywood Pastures give you delicious treats? Will Greatfather Winter give you that Hogger action toy with kung fu grip, or will you get a snowball instead? Write your letter to Greatfather Winter now and let your wishes be known!


♥️ Adelila ♥️
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The Feast of Winter Veil is Here
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