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 Guild Rules and Policies

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PostSubject: Guild Rules and Policies   Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:38 am

Guild Rules and Policies

1. General Items

1.1 Interface Add-ons
There are a million different add-ons and tools for use on WoW to help improve your game and interaction with others. We do not do everything, nor in particular, we intend to enforce the rules in this field. However, if you want to raid with us, you'll need to install OMEN threath meter (same version required - see forum for more info), and save on our calendar php raid (link site). You will also be required at least to listen to our Ventrilo channel. The only thing we ask is that all the tools you use are comfortable with you to do your job effectively participating in the events of the guild.

1.2 WoW Forum
We do not censor freedom of expression, but unless you are expressly authorized to speak for the guild, you should never say things to reflect the guild as a whole in a bad atitude . Do not criticize other guilds or players without indicating that you speak for yourself. If you are unjustified, rude or harmful comments you can expect to be called, therefore, act of respect.

1.3 Recruitment
It is important that you are an ambassador for our guild, there are lot's of good players out there and we want them playing for us. We all flailed about in the beginning, looking for the right guild, finding people we could trust. It's important that you get out there and help people in need and make friends outside the guild. When you find people you like, have quested with them for some time, believe they would be suited to our guild, and they meet our current requirements, then please direct them to our website to complete an application form.

1.4 Guild Chat
This is a crazy place where people often feel free to express themselves. This is encouraged, don't pick on people or insult them. If someone is an idiot they will make that clear by themselves, no need to help them. There are often young players logged in, so try to maintain some propriety. It doesn't have to be Sesame Street, but Innuendo is better than explicit when it comes to adult topics. Please use whisper chat if you feel the need to draw a pretty picture with your prose. Likewise if you are having a conversation with a single individual, seeking their guidance, agreeing a trade, or just generally chatting, please use whisper chat to do so. We want good signal to noise ratio so that the guild chat remains useful.
Unnecessary and excessive swearing, abuse or racism will NOT be tolerated. If caught or reported with evidence (screen shots), you will receive a verbal warning, followed by a written (game mail) warning upon your second offence accompanied by a fine of 10gold payable to the Veneratio within 3days. If you repeat this offence for the third time or do not pay your fine, you will be instantly excluded from the guild without exception or return. Yes we can have a laugh within the guild and this behaviour is accepted to some degree if you know the members well, however, at the end of the day we are all here to have fun and enjoy the game & guild interaction.

1.5 General, Public, Party, LFG, Whisper and Trade Chat
You must follow WoW's terms of service. Keep it clean, don't insult or attack people via whisper. Don't spam the Trade Channel repeatedly. If someone is rude to you do not retaliate, use /ignore. If you are looking for a group, spamming up the message every 5seconds will not help, and will only irritate the masses making it more difficult to get a group next time. Always check with the guildies online first to see if they would be interested, otherwise just be patient.

1.6 Facility Voice Server (Ventrilo - TS)

1.6.1 Use
We have a voice server available to all of our guild, connection details can be found on the information window of our guild in the game When configuring your profile, please use your name main character, avoiding any confusion. Ventrilo or TS is an essential tool for group quests, raid, pvp, and if it makes communication easier, faster and more efficient. When using Vent, you must turn off any external speakers to avoid reactions and irritation of other membres.Vous must also adjust the microphone sensitivity to prevent any background noise which can not interfere with other fun game We encourage members to have a laugh and joke and enjoy freedom of Wind, but you must respect the fact that nobody wants to hear you belch, fart or swear. Please keep the language clean and polite to other members. Group of channels have been created for your use, please use it to make the activity of the group, this will make it easier for you to specifically address your group and not to irritate the others who are not with you.

1.6.2 Microphone Volume Setting
You need to ensure the input volume is set high on the microphone to ensure the recorded sound is loud. You’re probably familiar with the volume control panel, load this up (start/programs/accessories/entertainment/volume control), the initial screen shown here will give you your output volumes, called master volume. Select options then properties, and you should have a drop down box next to “mixer device”. This will list all your audio sockets. Look for one which says audio input or something similar, select it and make sure in the window below you select the microphone control, and click ok. You should now get a volume control box up which has your recording levels listed. Tick the microphone and boost it up to the max, also select the advanced tab under the microphone bar, and when you get the pop-up, make sure the microphone boost box is ticked. Save/close etc and that should be done.
Note: performance may vary so please play with varying the levels of the settings above to get your microphone right to suit your setup.

1.6.3 Microphone Sensitivity
You need to adjust your sensitivity level in the TS options to get this right. Open TS and goto settings, then sound input/output settings, and adjust the voice activation level further towards the right (shout). As a guide mine is probably 60/40 towards shout. You can activate the local test mode if you want to try to get it right for you. This will then prevent any of your background and speaker noise from being transmitted.

1.7 The Standard Waiver
As an accepted member of the Veneratio company guild you are expected to read, digest and abide by all the rules covered within this document. This is a live document which may be subject to change and addition at any time, updates will be notified on the forum. Founding members (XoArkyoX-Gobe-Adelila) shall have final say on any issues/disagreements which may arise, our decision will be final, non-negotiable, and must be respected. Any breech of these rules will be taken seriously, they are here to protect the integrity of the clan/guild, its members' interaction and ultimately maintain your enjoyment of the game.

1.8 Non-Activity
We do not require all our members to be on a minimum number of times a week like some guilds, we are quite relaxed when it comes to inactivity - it is just a game!. However, we do have a policy of removing members who have not been active for a period of 3 months. This prevents the guild from looking artificially large and helps us keep track of players who might add to our end game numbers. If you know that you will be offline for an extended period but would like to remain in the guild, then please let us know in advance either by whispering an officer/gm in game, or by posting in our forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules and Policies   Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:42 am

2.1 Begging
Don't ask strangers for free goods, services or money. It is annoying, uncool, and it tarnishes the Guild as a whole. It may be acceptable to ask another member to lend you some money if you have become good friends with them, however if they say "no", they mean "no", do not harass them, abuse them, or make them feel guilty about it.

2.2 Gold Buying
This is frowned upon and discouraged within the Guild as it is not in the spirit of the game. Although we do not want to change your enjoyment of the game, please do not buy gold, advertise this facility, or encourage others either within or outside of the guild to do so. Otherwise you may be excluded from the guild and forced to spend an eternity our basement with the Bhco Gimp! In extreme circumstances we may even report you to blizzard.

2.3 Ninja Looting
There will never, ever be any excuse for this that won't get you immediately booted from the guild. It doesn't matter if the party you are in is full of Ninja looting noobs who took all your stuff and killed your pet wolf. "Veneratio do not Ninja!"
I will explain what Ninja looting is so that there is absolutely no confusion, saying you didn't know will not be an excuse, so understand this well. Ninja looting is taking or attempting to take things that you are not entitled to receive...

• Looting a chest without rolling with your party to determine who should get it's contents.

- Always wait until all threats are resolved before rolling. Never loot during a battle, it's bad form.
- Make sure it is unambiguous what you are rolling for, don't ever roll for no reason or when you see a chest or item. Be clear why you are rolling and what it's for.
- If you are going to pass on an item or chest, say so. Make it clear that you are passing. - Do not manipulate the roll, /random 100-100 is not funny, it's not cool, and it's not mature. Don't waste peoples time with fake rolls.

• Looting a chest that another person or group has spent the time and effort to clear.

- There is nothing less cool than killing off a ton of mobs to have some jerk run up and take the chest you just fought for.
- If there is someone else in near proximity who may be attempting to retrieve the chest, negotiate via rolling or whatever means to determine ownership of the chest.

• Rolling on an item that you were not entitled to.

- Understand the difference between “Bind on Equip” and “Bind on Pickup”, if you loot a BoP item that you can't use and someone in the party can, you can expect to be charged with Ninja looting.
- It is your responsibility to know the looting rules before you are in a situation that requires them.
- Roll need on item's that you can actually use. You should only ever roll "need" on items that you can either equip, or use for a trade skill immediately. For instance, if a plate item is dropped and you can only wear cloth, you DO NOT "Need" this item.

• Changing looting mode or rules without consensus of the party.

- If you are leading a Party you should never change the looting rules without prior agreement and consensus.

• Looting another class specific item or armour set piece that you are not entitled to.

- Class specific items always go to that class if present in the group and needed. You may only roll if that class is not present or does not require the item.
For example:
NOT OKAY> You are a priest doing a Strat undead Baron run, the dreadmist pants drop, there is a warlock in your group who needs these and you roll need on them, you are ninja looting.
OKAY> You are a priest doing a Strat undead Baron run, the dreadmist pants drop, either you don't have a warlock or the warlock doesn't need them, you roll need on them, you are NOT ninja looting.
Therefore, you can roll on any armor that u need ONLY if the "specified" class does not want it.
Study this link carefully and make sure you know what set you are entitled to.... Class Armour Sets

2.4 Antisocial Behaviour
Don't take advantage of new/inexperienced or low level members. Don't overcharge for things, lie, or attempt auction house scams. Anything that reflects badly on the guild will not be tolerated, you are our ambassadors and as such should act responsibly at all times. We appreciate players of all ages here and you will be not be judged by your age, but your maturity, so be cool and respect people who may ask you to tone things down.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules and Policies   Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:45 am

3.1 Guild Support
We are NOT here to answer all your questions. Okay, we are here to help you when you are REALLY stuck. Thottbot and Allakhazam are your friends, learn how to use them. Don't ask questions that can be answered by reading the WoW website or the WoW forums everyone is busy doing what they need to do, don't waste their time asking what [voodoo mojo juice] is used for or “where are the savannah prowlers?”. If you really want to know, use one of the aforementioned sites.
Don't assume that guild members are here to give you stuff for free. If you need something that another guildie can make or has stated is available, then come to a mutual agreement. We are a friendly guild and not in the business of ripping each other off, so there is every chance that you may get things for free or for a very low price. Don't ask for free Potions, Weapons, Food or Bags. If you act cool and gain respect, people will help you and give you stuff. Earn your place, show your worth, and you will be rewarded for it.

3.2 General Help Requests
Don't ask someone more than 5 levels above you to help you go anywhere. We are not an escort service, you should be partied up with similar level players in order to maximise the amount of experience you gain. This is not a power guild, you don't have to gain a level a day to stay here, or play 40 hours a week. But if you want the guilds’ assistance it has to be in our self interest to help you. We need experienced level 60 players who can contribute to our ability to participate in the high end content of the game. If you are not interested in doing that, it's cool, but we are not going to spend two hours keeping you alive in some dungeon just so you can have some blue item. We expect you to be reciprocating by doing your best to increase your skill and help similar level guild members.

3.3 The Ranking System
A ranking system has been put in place to provide you with some goals, added incentives and benefits. You will only be promoted if you fulfil the requirements listed on the ranking page for that particular level. We will reward our members based on their activity and interest in the guild, contributions to discussions both in WoW and on our forums, support of the guilds objectives, and general conduct.

3.4 Trade Skills
We no longer have specified guild tradesmen. We do encourage our guild members to donate trade items to fellow guildies in order to help them improve their skills and capabilities, or at least charge for mats only, and sell at low cost to any partner guilds to improve inter-guild relations.

3.5 Guild Banks
The guild bank is primarily used for storing consumables to help strengthen our raids. There are several tabs for food, pots, mats, & misc. items. Please see the relevant web page for further information on this.

3.6 Facilities
Reading this means you know about our website, this will be updated as and when required with new content and features that meet the guilds needs. You are also strongly encouraged to register on our forum, be active there and speak your mind. This is where the true directions of the guild are decided, as well as some general and fun discussions. Please make it a point to check this frequently.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules and Policies   Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:48 am

4.1 Grouping
During your time with us you are likely to be involved in many groups, questing, instances, raids, and PvP both within and outside of the guild. Please ensure you understand what you are signing up for, know the party rules before you adventure, don't expect to establish them while you are playing and agree any special conditions upfront. If you don't like a party's rules then don't group with them. Its not your place to complain and say that they are wrong. If someone ninja's on your party take a note of their name and guild, do not verbally abuse them. Contact an officer with the information and we will handle the issue. Ninja looting is more common than it should be and takes a lot away from the game, when it happens to you try to be civil and take the high road. Remain polite and courteous to the other party members and hopefully you will enjoy the experience. Don’t join a party and just leave mid way without letting everyone else in the group know what is going on. Likewise don’t just go AFK without explaining why and how long you will be - this is more important in instances but practice it in all groups so the leader can either change loot options or wait for you to return.

4.2 Invasion / Battlegrounds
We have no specific rules or guidelines on this topic, some like it, some don't. Why not try PvP for yourself. One thing to mention, if you get your PvP rank up to Sergeant, you will receive a significant discount on your mount!, well worth doing prior to level 40.

4.3 Instances/Dungeons
There should always be a leader, he or she should be listened to at all times. Don't argue with the instance leader, use whispers if you have an issue, suggestion or disagreement. Refrain from noobish behaviour, keep the pace steady and make sure to stay tightly grouped with your party. General instance tips...

• Do not pull unless specifically instructed to.

- The party leader will determine who pulls in a party, you should never be pulling if you are not the designated puller.
- Make sure you are aware of patrols when you pull. If you're a puller, it is your responsibility to pull one group, take the time you need to do your job well.
- If you are a hunter, learn how to take advantage of your unique pulling skills – tracking, and feign death.
- Understand what the Main Tank's (MT) role is, and don't pull aggro from him.

• Know your position.

- Do not run ahead. As tempting as it is to be up front, you hurt the party by not staying in a cleared safe area. Allow the pullers to bring the mobs back to where the fight should take place.
- Make sure that your Kleenex armoured spell casters are protected at all times, in larger groups one melee type should hang back and keep them from being interrupted or killed.
- If you are lower in level than your fellow party members stay in the back. You have a much larger threat radius than your party's, that means you will attract unwanted adds by running to the front and attacking. Stay in the back and do your best, causing a wipe will make people think twice about inviting you again.

• Sheep, Shackle, Sap and Banish.

- Living and dying is all about crowd control, knowing how to use and interact with these spells is vital.
- Sheep and Shackle should be done outside the melee area. Sheeping a target once it is within striking range and AoE range is asking for trouble and limiting flexibility. Sheep and shackle as soon as possible, before people have established a target. Always target the furthest creature as a convention and work with the puller to insure that it happens as close to simultaneously as possible.
- If you strike a sheeped or shackled mob, stop and find a different target. Refrain from AoE attacks when there are constrained creatures in the melee area.

• Buffs.

- Always try to keep your party buffed with the most appropriate spells/scrolls. This maximises the party's attributes and may just be what helps you get through the instance in one piece.

4.4 Loot Rules

4.4.1 The Need/Greed System
Please learn to use this system correctly, only Need on items you can actually use there and then, else Greed or Pass - your choice (see below for any specific . There is no excuse for "accidentally" rolling incorrectly. Consider the classes of the other members and which class the item is best suited to, ie due to the adders, before selecting any Need rolls. Class items should go to the MOST relevant class first (Warriors get plate armour, hunters get bows etc.). When we hit the end-game raids then the main tanks get first choice on *anything* that will make them more uber, like shields and big one-handed swords. We need to look after our tanks and give them the best kit.

4.4.2 Looting Tips
• General

- Epics: Roll Need/Greed. - do not roll need just because its an epic! usual rules apply.
- BoP blues with an enchanter in group: Roll Need if you need the item as an upgrade, else pass. The enchanter should always roll greed on these items unless they Need. They will then disenchant and keep the mats if all members are from our guild, otherwise a roll for the mats should be offered within the group.
- BoP blues without an enchanter in group: Roll Need/Greed.
- Green and BoE blues: Roll Need/Greed.
- Under no circumstances can you roll on an item for use by an alt or a friend/your mum etc.
- NEVER LOOT DURING A BATTLE!! Conversely, don't pull until everyone has finished looting.
- In ZG, MC and higher, DKP and Master-looter will be used (see relevant page for details).

• Scourge stones/Necrotic shards

Need/Greed. If you are collecting rep with the Argent Dawn then need, else greed. Need if you want the necrotic shards for quests. Be realistic... don't Need Scourge stones because you think you might want to get rep in the future, or you are not sure. The guild will no doubt have a few hardcore Argent Dawn rep collectors... let them take the stones. Same for necrotic shards - leave them if you don't need them.

• Tranquillising Shot (or anything like it)

When we get to Molten Core, the book to learn this hunter talent will drop. It's essential to progressing further into MC (the hunter uses it on the next boss, without it we're toast!) and should be distributed to the most appropriate or senior raiding hunter in the guild who does not have it. There are probably other class items like this, same rules apply - it's for the good of the guild, not the individual! We want a big bad tank with a huge shield and priests who can heal entire raid parties without their mana bar moving.

• Quest Items

Need/Greed if a roll is offered. For some things, like the UBRS key gems, there will be a designated collector so that we aren't all fighting against each other for the key. Don't pick them up if you don't need them and someone else does.

• Righteous Orbs

General rule of thumb is for everyone to roll Greed on these, however, bearing in mind we will all want crusader enchants, these should be sent to the Veneratio bank.

• Rare mounts

Always roll Need. Just because you don't have an epic/elite mount you aren't immediately entitled to roll need above someone else for one of these babies. It's impossible to buy that funky orange tiger, so everyone rolls (not that one will ever drop, but just in case). It's also hugely unfair to those that have just spent 1000g on a mount.

4.5 DKP (Dragon Kill Points) – see relevant page for details
Essentially you will earn DKP for attending raids. If 2 hunters both want to roll 'Need' on an uber-epic bow, then the one with a higher loot priority and willing to spend the DKP will get it. It's used to reward people who have put the most effort into beating a boss/instance etc. You don't want to run ZG 500 times and when the epic drops it goes to a guy who's in there for the first time.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules and Policies   Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:49 am

Add - Additional creature or group of creatures. Very bad news.

BoE - Bind on Equip, an Item that becomes soulbound to you once you equip it. Able to be sold at the AH if not used.

BoP - Bind on Pickup, an Item that becomes soulbound the moment you receive it. Can not be auctioned.

Buff – A beneficial spell or potion.

DKP - Dragon Kill Points. Earned by completing raid dungeons.

MT – Main Tank (Warrior who keeps primary mob's attention).

OT – Off Tank (Keeps a secondary mob out of the way).

Pull – Shoot or charge a single creature within a group causing them to attack.

Pat – Patrol (something's coming!).

Tank – Attack a creature and make sure the creature remains focused on you, typically a warrior talent.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules and Policies   

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Guild Rules and Policies
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