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 Pally App - new to server

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PostSubject: Pally App - new to server   Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:31 pm

Character details (name, level, race, class):
-- Ginggy, currently 72, BE, Pally
Alt or main character:
-- Main, left an 80 lock and 80 drood on Llane (alli)
Talent Spec & WOW Armory Link (please link your raiding gear):
-- currently ret, at 77 i will be going Prot.
The nationality and age:
-- Canadian - 23
Previous Raid Experience:
-- Everything up until 25 nax
Guild history and reasons for departure:
-- Purge was the most recent (Llane) left server to try a horde and pvp
What do you think of our Guild?:
-- Know nothing about it.
Details of the Days / Hours (Timezone):
-- MST - can raid any day after 6
Have you read and accept the rules of the guilds?: Yes i understand them
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Pally App - new to server
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