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 Time for a Gin..

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PostSubject: Time for a Gin..   Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:30 pm

just feels right to write a little something about my self, maybe its the fact i like talking about myself.. either way here we go...

I have played Wow since it came out over 5 years ago, not stright i have taken a few breaks along the road.. This is my first Horde character and LOVE IT, i have many alli. back in Llane. Huntard, Lock, Pally, Drood a couple are lvl 80 and the others are 50+
Have never played on a PVP server before, so well ... its been interseting, nothing like getting the old blood pumping when you are about to gank a nub, but on the hand it blows when an 80 camps the shit out of you...

I live in Canada, Alberta (i hear there are alot of french Canadians in this guild.. that should be.. mmm FUN!) 23 years old, currently a insurance broker (love it) and oo i guess the big one is that im getting married in 2010!!!

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Time for a Gin..
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