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 New App : Seraphinus (Warlock)

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PostSubject: New App : Seraphinus (Warlock)   Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:23 pm

Character details (name, level, race, class):
-- Seraphinus, 80, Bloodelf, Warlock

Alt or main character:
-- Main

Talent Spec & WOW Armory Link (please link your raiding gear):
-- http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blackrock&n=Seraphinus

-- I have been all 3 raid builds Alliction, Demo, Destructive and can do them as necessary

The nationality and age:
-- American, 38

Previous Raid Experience:
-- Guild "Reverant" on Emerald Dream server completed all 40 man content including Naxx as a Rogue/Mage I played both to 60 and raided with

-- Guild "Harbringers of Misery" on Trollbane server ran Heroics as Warlock, stepped into naxx a few times unsuccessful, Guild basically fell apart (drama)

-- No problems rolling as a Warlock in any situation adapt well

Guild history and reasons for departure:
-- As stated Above Guild drama and core geared players /gquit (trollbane)
-- Emerald Dream server was eons ago it seems, took a hiatus from game

What do you think of our Guild?:
-- I dont know alot at this point, from what I have read of your rules, and forum conversations I would definately like to take a closer look. One of the nicest guild sites, and presentations I have seen so far on server.

Details of the Days / Hours (Timezone):
-- Im flexible on my times do not forsee any problems.

Have you read and accept the rules of the guilds?:
-- YES
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New App : Seraphinus (Warlock)
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