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 Presentation of Zakira Willow

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Zakira Willow

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Age : 27
Registration date : 2008-11-12

PostSubject: Presentation of Zakira Willow   Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:25 pm

Real Name: Dani (Danny with an I)

In-Game Name: Zakira or Zakirawillow

Age: 18

MSN: dark_phantom_of_death@hotmail.com

Timezone: GMT

Location: Manchester, England

How you heard about us: Everybody from the old guild was leaving saying the guild was chaging, i left and got offered to join this one =].

Member References: None

Have you read the rules: Yes

What other games/guild have you been part of: Warcraft III/TFT, was in Brotherhood, the previous guild.

Comments/Let us know about yourself:
I'm not a pro, but i'm not crap. I'm an average player who enjoys the experience. I have a social life, so don't expect to see me on ALL the time, and i live in england and have a job. Expect to see me at around 8pm-3am my time, GMT, i have no idea how to make that american time, the last time someone tried to explain it i think i confused them...
I currently play a Blood Elf Paladin and have a Blood Elf Hunter in the process of being made.
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Presentation of Zakira Willow
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